IHS Doncaster Show 17th June 2012

posted 1 Jun 2012, 06:26 by Michael Jones   [ updated 7 Sept 2015, 07:19 ]

Once again we are pleased to be attending the IHS National Breeders Meeting at The Dome in Doncaster on Sunday 17th June 2012.

We hope to see you there! We shall be taking a wide range of livefoods, plants and some other culrture materials.
For directions and details of the event please visit the IHS website:
Also please check out our updated frog list, including our first batch of grown on Ranitomeya imitator "Chazuta" froglets:
 These are a very pretty thumbnail dart species from the Ranitomeya group. They are non obligate egg feeders meaning they can be raised outside the adult vivarium or the adults can raise the tadpoles themsleves if provided with tadpole deposition sites (bromeliad axes, film cannisters etc).
They will thrive in heavily planted vivaria with climbers and their favoured bromeliads.
Email us for availability