5/11/10 New Culture Species Available

posted 4 Nov 2010, 18:11 by Michael Jones   [ updated 7 Sept 2015, 07:19 ]
We are pleased to announce that we can now offer two more feeder species on our livefoods list.
Vinegar eels (Turbatrix aceti) are non-parasitic nematodes up to 2mm long that are a great starter food for obligate live feeders such as some fish fry, caudate larvae and other amphibian larvae such as Afican Dwarf Frogs (Hymenochirus) - £2 per starter culture (plus p&p)
White Worms (Enchyrtraeus albidus) are a non-parasitic worm species that grows from 1 to 3cm and are an excellent food for advanced hyenochirus and caudate larvae, newly morphed  and adult amphibians as well as fish such as discus. Easily cultured on a soil/peat based mixture - £3 per starter culture (plus p&p)
Caresheets are available for these species and all others we offer here