Amphibians Updated 22/02/2020

Hi Please note that collection in person is preferred for amphibians - otherwise a courier or reptile taxi can be arranged by the buyer at their own cost. WE WILL NOT POST AMPHIBIANS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

From time to time we are able to offer surplus froglets from our breeding amphibians.

These will be a minumum of 3 months out of the water and will be feeding on fruit flies or larger prey items.

It is strongly recommended that an established vivarium, planted and seeded with micofauna is ready before you purchase froglets.

Availability of species will change as our groups breed however we do have the following available at present:

Phantasmal Dart Frog (Epipedobates anthonyi)

A species, originally from Ecuador and Peru, ideal for the relatively experienced amphibian keeper looking to branch out into poison dart frogs.

A hardy species and relatively small (up to 1inch) which breeds easily and can be kept in groups.

E. anthonyi froglets (CB 2018) - £15 each or group of 4 froglets £50

Eggs and tadpoles also available - please email for availabilty and prices.



Blue Dart Frog (Dendrobates [tinctorius] azureus)

One of the most popular species available in the dart frog hobby. Naturally found in Surinam this relatively large dart frog is best kept in pairs or male predominated trios.

Relatively hardy and a bold species.

No froglets available at present. 



Dendrobates tinctorius “Alanis”

A stunning and large tinctorius morph that is easy to keep, bold and readily breed once sexually mature.
As with other tinctorius morphs these are best kept in pairs or male dominated trios.

D. tinctorius “Alanis” (CB 2018):
Adults/Sub-adults £40 each
Unsexed juveniles £30 each

Imitating Dart Frog - "Chazuta" (Ranitomeya imitator "Chazuta")
A beautiful thumbnail species ideal for the more experienced dart frog keeper. Relatively bold with a lovely call. Best housed in an aboreal style vivarium planted havily with broad leaved climbing plants and bromeliads.
When breeding these frogs can raise tadpoles themselves by laying unfertilised eggs in tadpole deposition sites!

CB 2018 unsexed juveniles - £50

 Blessed Dart Frog (Ranitomeya benedicta)
A recently discovered (2005) thumbnail species from Peru.
As wityh most Ranitomeya species they are particularly suited to heavily planted arboreal style vivarium and appreciate deep leaf litter and microfauna.
Can be a prolifically breeding species given optimum conditions
No froglets available at present.


Golden Dart Frog (Phyllobates terribilis)
The original dart frog. It is this species that Columbian tribes used to coat their hunting darts.
A large and very bold dart frog that can take prey much larger than other species. Does well in groups.
Can be a prolifically breeding species given optimum conditions
No froglets available at present.

Also available:

Bumblebee dart frogs (Dendrobates leucomelas)
CB 2019 unsexed juveniles - £30 each

Golfodulcean dart frogs (Phyllobates vittatus) copper banded
CB 2019 unsexed juveniles - £30 each
Tadpoles - 4 for £50

Fire-bellied Toads (Bombina orientalis) green form 
CB 2018/19 unsexed juveniles - 4 for £30

Dendrobates auratus “Microspot”
CB 2019 unsexed juveniles - £30 each

Please research well before considering keeping any species.
We can provide caresheets for all species offered and a selected number of other species. Please email for information.



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